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Proudly presenting... The "Motor City's" pleasure performers - THE REFLECTIONS.
There's nothing standard or automatic about this Detroit-based vocal quintet. On stage, they are a high-powered rendition of the 50's and 60's sound. They "cruise" with their audiences on a realistic nastalga trip. The trademark of THE REFLECTIONS is Classic Rock -N- Roll Doo Wop. Their voices are finely tuned, using soaring tenors, mellow baritone, and the booming "Mr. Bassman" we all remember.

THE REFLECTIONS refuse to sound like other groups. They have recaptured the magic they had as a teen-age street-corner group... that later evolved into a smooth performing, recording and touring act. With top hits such as "(just like) ROMEO & JULIET", "POOR MAN'S SON", "SHABBY LITTLE HUT", and "(just like) COLUMBUS DID" (recorded in tribute to Christopher Columbus) all breaking into the Top 30 in "Billboard" and "Cashbox" magizines. ROMEO & JULIET soared to No. "1" on the Rhythm and Blues charts.

THE REFLECTIONS name hangs proudly on the wall of the Cleveland Rock -N- Roll Hall of Fame. Honoring their multi-million hit record of "(just like) ROMEO & JULIET". THE REFLECTIONS were called upon by the White House for a command performance for President George Bush and perform on a regular bases for International conventions at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. THE REFLECTIONS have appeared on many network TV shows including...Dick Clark's American Bandstand, Shindig, Shivery, Shaboom, Hullabaloo, also having toured nationwide with Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars. They also appeared in Paramount Pictures release of "Winter A Go-Go".

Yes, THE REFLECTIONS are back... Doing what they have always done best... Classic Rock -N- Roll Doo Wop, from a gone but not forgotten era. They are available with their own dynamic 5-piece back-up band "Deuce Coupe" or with a complete track show.

THE REFLECTIONS stage performance and your audience go together "Just Like Romeo & Juliet".