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Elvis Aaron Presley Jr.
One of the most versatile performers ever! The actual son of Elvis Presley!
Yes Elvis did have a son who was born Dec. 24th, 1961 in Gary IN. and immediately given up for adoption by his mother, a young actress in the movie "Blue Hawaii", to a Yugoslavian couple who were circus performers in The Ringling Brothers Circus. Elvis Jr. was kept a secret for decades! This was all orchestrated by Elvis Presley's manager, Col. Tom Parker, who tried to talk the actress into getting an abortion but she wouldn't do that. So he selected the circus couple who would soon return to Yugoslavia and take the new born child with them. This backfired because by having a child born in the United States, the circus couple was permitted to stay in the United states. There were some strings attached to the adoption. The couple agreed to keep the fathers identity a secret until his 21st birthday. They didn't even let him know he was adopted until then. Elvis Aaron Presley Jr. was awarded his name by The US Federal Court after sufficient documents, including the last will and testament of Elvis Presley, established proof that Elvis did indeed have a son, and the son was in fact born out of wedlock. This investigation was conducted not by Elvis Jr., but by investigators of the government of the United States of America. This research included lie detector tests, blood tests, and later D.N.A. Tests, and upon examination of all the evidence incurred a decision that should set the record straight. Elvis Jr., by the decision of the United States Government, is allowed to use the name Elvis Aaron Presley Jr.. Traveling all over the world with his adopted parents, young Elvis Jr. became a circus performer. At the age of 5 he became a clown and by age 12, he was the youngest wild animal trainer in the world. Many television commercials used his cats under his direction, as well as several movies, one of which was "Sahara" starring Brooke Shields. Elvis Jr.'s talent as a musician and entertainer is a gift to all who enjoy the works of his late father. His loving tribute to his father's music will captivate every listener. His look, his style, his grace and demeaner surely show that the King's legacy lives on! The proof is in every performance!
Elvis Jr. is a gift to all who enjoy the works of his late father.
“My Daddy Was A Hound Dog” is the story of Elvis Jr.

“My Daddy Was A Hound Dog” is available at CD Baby.

“My Daddy Was A Hound Dog” written, recorded, & performed by
“Tommy Vale & The Torpedos” copywright 2013