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Donny Hartman
Donny Hartman is on of the ORIGINAL
MICHIGAN MADMEN. During the states' rock
and roll heyday in the 60's & 70's, Donny was
blazing the guitar hero trail with Dick Wagoner
and "The Frost". "The Frost" was one of, if not
THE most popular and visible groups in the
Midwest, Playing every major festival and venue.
..Including the famous Fillmore West, the
Fillmore East, The Masonic Temple, The Grand Ballroom, Madison Square Garden, Cobo Hall,and many other large venues too numerous to mention. One of the founding members of "The Frost" Donny's powerful vocals, showmanship, and awesome guitar playing garnered him accolades, fame, and guitar hero worship by every wanna-be boy, and every blossoming girl in the rock-n-roll world. One of rock's early sex symbols, Donny has influenced the music industry for decades and continues to do so 365 days a year with "The Donny Hartman Band". The Donny Hartman Band" performs the roots of rock-n-roll, blues, and soul in a style all their own. If you only see one concert this year, don't miss Donny Hartman, He will show you the reason why he was inducted into the Detroit Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame!!!!